Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer may be a season of rest and relaxation, but the work never stops for a homeowner. Amidst all the regular lawn care, gardening and air conditioner maintenance, these individuals must also find time to prepare for the months of cold and wet weather that lie ahead. Here are some of the most important tasks to ready a home for fall and winter.

Exterior Inspection

As the temperature grows colder, animals will start looking for holes or cracks where they might enter your dry, warm home. Before you’ve got pests in your pantry, walk around the perimeter of your house to search for any such openings. Keep in mind that it doesn’t take much for an animal to make its way inside; a dime-sized hole is all that is needed for mice to gain entry. If you find any gaps, seal them with silicone caulk or heavy-duty hardware cloth.

Roof Reconnaissance

An unprepared roof can spell disaster during winter, so make sure it is secure. Start by checking the attic for leaks or signs of water damage and making necessary repairs. Next, head up to the roof to make sure the shingles are in good condition. If any are missing or damaged, hire a professional to replace shingles Sneads Ferry NC or in your area.

Gutter Check

Falling leaves is one of autumn’s most beautiful scenes, but it’s anything but pretty for homeowners. Not only does it require seemingly constant raking, but those leaves can quickly plug up gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters can adversely affect the roof and siding, but perhaps more worrisome is the devastating threat it poses to a home’s foundation. Be sure to clear out all debris and consider installing a gutter guard to reduce the risk of future clogging.

No one would ever list seasonal upkeep among the perks of home ownership, but it’s an important task nonetheless. These three items should be at the top of every fall maintenance checklist.…

How to Make Sure That You Have the Best Poolside Summer

Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful weather and sunshine. With the sun’s rays and a pool, summer can give us the chance to unwind and relax. If you are looking to make the most of your poolside summer, consider these tips to ensure that you can truly make the most of it.

Pool Maintenance

For those who have ever owned a pool, you may realize that they are not all fun and games. Maintaining them takes a significant amount of time and energy, and if you aren’t careful you can spend more time dealing with the maintenance than the time you spend enjoying it. Instead of wasting all of your time on the care of the pool, hire a pool maintenance service St Charles County MO and enjoy time resting and relaxing.

Protect Your Skin

If you are someone who spends a lot of time outside, you may be familiar with the importance of sunscreen. With the sun’s harsh rays, it can be easy to do some serious damage to your skin. Don’t let sunburn ruin your good time and your body by first preparing with sunscreen.

Protection for Your Eyes

While your body will need protection to avoid burns, you also need to be mindful of your eyes. Proper eye protection that offers UVA/UVB ray protection can help you enjoy summer now and for years to come.

Physical Activity and Relaxation

If you are just looking for some time poolside, relaxing from the stressors of everyday life, you may be tempted to sit around and do nothing. While you want to spend some time decompressing from the pressures around you, don’t forget to balance this out with some physical exercise. Physical activity is a great outlet, and while it may feel like sitting around doing nothing is valuable, you will be better prepared for stress through consistent exercise.

With the perfect place to chill out and relax, don’t let your summer get derailed by some of these pesky inconveniences. After some minor preparation, you will be ready for your best poolside summer yet.…

Tips for Your Next Move

Moving is a stressful time. You’re packing up your whole life and creating a home somewhere new. That’s a lot for anyone to handle, but there are some things you can do to make it a little easier on yourself. Here are a few tips all movers should follow.

Hire Help

You likely have some heavy furniture that needs to be moved. While you can always ask friends to help you, it’s usually best to hire a local moving company Marion IA, instead. If you move the furniture yourself, you may end up damaging it. It will probably end up costing you more to fix it than it would to hire help. Also, you can get injured while lifting heavy objects, so it’s best to leave it to someone else.

Pack in Advance

Leaving all of the packing for the last minute can make things particularly difficult. It’s a good idea to start packing weeks in advance. Pack the non-essential items first and leave the things you use most to the end. Try setting a goal for yourself such as packing one box a day. Before you know it, the packing will be done and you won’t have to stay up all night before the move.

Declutter Your Life

Moving is the perfect time to get rid of items you no longer need or use. You don’t want to take unnecessary things with you to your new place. Go through all of your belongings and throw away anything that’s no longer usable. You can donate the rest of the items or have a yard sale and make some extra cash.

The moving process is rather daunting, but before you know it, you’ll be settled in your new home. It may not feel like your place right away, but give it time and soon it will feel like you’ve been there your whole life.…