How To Save Money On Commercial Waste Disposal

As a rule, commercial businesses generate a lot of waste. It’s easy for ecologically minded business owners to see how this could be a problem for the environment, but even business owners who don’t have any interest in “going green” often find that disposing of large amounts of waste can be a problem. After all, it costs money to get rid of garbage. Read on to find out how just about any commercial business can start saving money on waste management today.


Downsize Dumpsters


Most businesses have contracts with local waste disposal companies for ongoing dumpster service. These companies charge more for larger dumpsters, even if their clients don’t fill them. The first step business owners should take when deciding whether it’s time to downsize the company’s dumpsters is to perform a waste audit.

First, find out how full the dumpsters are on trash day. If they’re only half full, consider downsizing to a smaller model. Next, find out what’s going in them and route recyclable materials to a company that offers any metal recycling cerritos ca business owners can trust to dispose of their metal scrap responsibly.


Recycle as Much as Possible


Metal isn’t the only supposed waste product that can be recycled. Most plastics, cardboard, and all grades of paper can also be routed away from landfills and into the right hands for reuse in other products. While business owners shouldn’t expect to be paid for their old paper as they would be for scrap metal, they can still save their companies some money on dumpster rentals by taking those recyclable goods out of the garbage.


Share Waste Costs


Most businesses don’t operate directly next to other companies competing in the same niche industry, so there’s no reason they shouldn’t collaborate on waste disposal. If, for example, two nearby businesses both rent 20-foot dumpsters, it may be cheaper to rent a 40-foot dumpster instead and split the cost. Even if the store or office really needs its own, separate dumpster, it’s often possible to band together with other businesses to negotiate contracts for multiple locations at better prices. Either way, business owners willing to collaborate and share costs will wind up paying less.


Negotiate the Contract


Don’t have any other local businesses around that will collaborate to save everyone money? Try negotiating with the waste disposal company to get a better price. Most waste management providers have margins built into their pricing, so there’s typically room for negotiation. Business owners skilled in this important art can often reduce their prices by as much as 10 to 20 percent.


The Bottom Line


Try to use a combination of the cost reduction tactics described above to save money on waste disposal. The first step business owners should take is always to reduce the amount of waste they’re producing, to begin with, but once they’ve started recycling their metal, cardboard, paper, and other recyclable goods, there’s still plenty of room for extra savings. Switching to a smaller dumpster, a less frequent trash collection schedule, or an entirely new waste management company can all be effective ways to further reduce disposal costs.